Understanding Menu Management

Did you know that Menus are more searched for on the internet than cat pictures?

Ironically, 80% of data listed for menus online is Wrong. This means only 20% of the your listings are accurately displaying results.

Many menus online are locked into places that they cannot break out of. That is because menu scrapers find menus and hold them hostage, keeping your ingredients stale until you update (and pay).

Tracking down all these places is time consuming, but it is worth it. As long as old menus are out there, you are not being seen in a fresh light. Another thing to consider, customers might get angry if your prices online are not what they pay in the store.

Most restaurants update their menu every 6 months to keep up with change in prices of beef, poultry and seafood. These prices weigh heavily on the cost of transportation. You don’t have time to update countless listing sites every 6 months, let alone every year.

If you can keep your menu in one area, and link it everywhere, this is the best option.

Some restaurants can do this by linking a URL to their website that contains a picture of their menu.

The problem with using only a picture is that search engines do not see all of your lovely ingredients. Search engines read type, and unless your menu is all typed out and searchable, the search engines are not going to read a picture of your menu. Google sees information like the meta data, what your picture is named, and the ALT words in the html description. It does not read and interpret the picture to know what it includes.

Completely typed out, digital, interactive menus are what you want. But you want something you can access easily, from a single URL, that you can also link everwhere. You want to catch places like Tripadvisor, Bing, Yelp, Yellowpages, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo. These places have an option to link your online menu. This serves your customers the ingredients they want.

See more at eMEN.US if your are interested in this type of fix.

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