How to serve menus to guests from online listings


We are always wondering if the new person we just met is the good guy or the bad guy.

Hi, I’m V Jean

Unless you’re stuck on your current online menu….

How about something that has a greater potential to reach a larger audience with an upward rise in tech savvy guests on their phones using search engines.

I’m the good guy.

You can see an example of how the process I invented works, right now. It should load in 3 seconds. Just go to eMEN.US on your smartphone. Are you ready?

Now swipe. This is your eMEN.US. Guess where I put these things? Everywhere….and you should too. Here’s why.

eMEN.US work on every digital device, that’s smartphones and desktops. You want to make sure that all your prices are right online, ok? So you want to put yours everywhere. Got it?

eMEN.US are licensed to smaller restaurants like yours to help the restaurant industry be sustainable and boom, keeping you in the limelight.

It’s only $299 a year. That’s it. Your eMEN.US are published in 72 hours. You’ll be serving fresh ingredients in no time!

And with a 3 second load time…who needs to wait?

See the question mark? Touch that to order, upload your menu, and pay.

Link eMEN.US from your online platforms.

You’re only seconds away from making sure your menus matter.

About to get a big dinner rush? No problem. It only takes a minute to order. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Checks and Fine Wine. Wait, what?

Your menu is your most valuable sales tool.

Too shy? Does your menu have marked thru prices? Gotcha. We are licensed to read whiteout.

Embarrassed because coffee stains are on your pages? We are equipped with coffee x-ray vision. (This is high tech stuff!)

If your menu is in a language other than English, please download Chromium at, and type your menu using the instructions.

Otherwise, snap pictures of those tear stained napkins and text those watercolors to 417-319-1391.

We can also read:
Notebook Notes
Bathroom mirror-fog-writting
Spray paint graffiti and
Sidewalk Chalk

Whatever your menu is currently on….it will be reborn, as eMEN.US.

Think you need a website? Think again. eMEN.US do everything you need and serve your guests wherever they are at.

Goodbye 1999. Hello 2020.

Want to do curbside orders? Now you can.

Line too long not enough tables? eMEN.US wait on guests when you can’t.

You want one consistent menu served everywhere. Got it?

This is for you. We’ll also train you how to manage your online listings. Google. Bing. TripAdvisor. Yelp. Yellowpages and Yahoo.

We simply license you our process, program your menu, and watch you rise in maps while you strut.

Can’t strut? Then eMEN.US are not for you.

(How To Strut 101: Baby you gotta bounce when you walk – and to move those sexy hips!)

Tag me in a video of you strutting on facebook, instagram or linkedin, and I will give you $20 towards your eMEN.US license.

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